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We have been through the process of having a house built for us, so we know what you are going through. Our aim with this website is to provide as much information as possible for the layperson to help make the process of having a new house built as easy, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. It will also help you to save money!

This website is not really aimed at the person who is building their own home. It doesn't provide details of "how to do it". But there will nonetheless be some tips that the owner builder will still find useful. After all, even if you are the builder yourself, you still have to realise that the ultimate success of your project largely depends on the quality of your house plan and specifications.

The information we provide is totally independent. We are not selling any building products or promoting any building services on this website – we are only promoting our e-book called House plans, home builders and dreams.

Often people decide to build a big house thinking that bigger is better. Whilst you certainly will need a big house if you have a big family, often a compact house will fit your needs if it is well-designed, well-built (eg with soundproofing between rooms) and if it takes into account the climate, the views and your needs. And cleaning your house will be a breeze.

Aspects such as good cross-ventilation, tall ceilings, double-doors, rooms that open up to form larger rooms when necessary, timeless features and built-in furniture (with storage incorporated) can all be included to make a small house look and feel larger, lighter, more spacious, stylish and luxurious.

Another focus of our e-book is how to build a house that will have a long term beneficial effect on your health rather than one that subjects you to dangerous gases that keep being emitted for many years to come. And this book discusses how to do this within the budget constraints we all have.

Building can be a very emotionally challenging experience. You have to make lots of decisions and you often have to walk the knife's edge between what you want and what you can afford. What do you give up? And what do you keep in? Our e-book will help you through this process and provide you with the information you need to make decisions. We always discuss the alternatives with costs in mind and where possible we offer cheaper ways of achieving the same effects.

We also explain how to check that your builder provides you with a house that matches your plans and specifications and all the necessary legislative requirements.

Here are some unsolicited comments by some of the people who have read the e-book:

Such a thoughtful book. It's marvelous! Connecting dry technical info with the practicalities of your own personal experience works really well. I really like it!

Kurt Hansen

The e-book was excellent. As we're new to the building game it has lots of information, we are using bits and pieces from your e-book, magazines and other sources for our look and the home we want to build.

Anthony (Australia)

The e-book was used as a reference for my study [Project management] and it was useful as I learned a lot regarding “house building” from it such as procedure, issues on design and regulation etc.

Dujin Choi (Australia)

I think it's a good combination of the personal and technical, so that it's not too dry! I wish I'd had such a book to read before and while we were building.

Rosalie Ellis


House plans, home builders and dreams sample chapters:

  • Contents – a full table of contents of the e-book
  • About house plans – how to do your own initial plans, how to decide whether to get an architect, designer or draftsperson, how to make sure they are good at what they do and that their quote is a fair one, what should generally be included in the preliminary house plans and what should be included in the final house plans (including samples)
  • Doors – the differences between internal and external doors, the types of doors available, the materials they can be made from and details of what is available for various specialised doors (eg garage doors)
  • Windows – the types of windows available and their advantages and disadvantages, how fixed awnings can help stop rain coming in your windows, what the windows can be made from and details of new types of window treatments
  • Floorcoverings – sections on each of the various floor and wall coverings that are available explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each and the types available
  • Kitchens – things to consider when planning your kitchen such as the design, traffic flows, bench/counter heights, draws available, sinks available, lighting and other fancy things
  • Bathrooms – things to consider when planning your bathroom such as plumbing considerations, types of bathroom items available, water saving devices, lighting and so on
  • Index – a detailed index of contents of the e-book as it will appear when the e-book is finished.

Our e-book is supplied in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf) and is easy to read online or to print out. It is around 48,000 words (83 pages in length). The file is sent as an attachment via email generally within 24 hours of payment. Nothing is sent by mail. The file is not large in size. It costs $9.95 AUD (around $9 US).

If you require any further information about our e-book House plans, home builders and dreams, please email us via [email protected].

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